Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Womble Bond Dickinson

The Lex 100 verdict on Womble Bond Dickinson

The verdict

Womble Bond Dickinson is able to offer ‘wide-ranging work’ whilst ‘staying in touch with the local market’ from its offices across England and Scotland. The firm strikes a good balance in that it offers trainees a ‘significant degree of autonomy in comparison with some larger firms and better formal training than that of smaller firms’. Trainees are ‘thrown in at the deep end’ and receive ‘lots of responsibility’. WBD has picked up Lex 100 Winner awards for inclusiveness, work/life balance and social life. Speaking of the latter, there is a ‘very large social side to being a trainee’ in the Newcastle, Bristol and London offices in particular. Southampton trainees ‘wish we had that here too!’. The ‘warm and friendly atmosphere’ is one of the best things about the firm – ‘everyone gets on with everyone and I can go to any senior colleague for advice at a moment’s notice’. Staff are ‘not only willing to support you in your career development but also genuinely care about who you are as a person’. Trainees mostly complained about the salary and the seat rotation process, the finalisation of which is ‘often last minute’. A ‘seat with a high amount of admin-related tasks’, ‘covering fee earners’ work while they are on leave without much briefing’ and ‘bibling at 8pm’ were begrudged. On the plus side, recruits were thrilled to ‘attend a Court of Appeal hearing’, ‘go to a meeting in France where I was actively involved in the discussions’ and ‘the induction week in Newcastle’. If an ‘exciting, growing international firm but with grounded people who prioritise work/life balance’ appeals to you, research Womble Bond Dickinson.