Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Wilkin Chapman LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Wilkin Chapman LLP

With a strong presence in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, Wilkin Chapman is a reputable and attractive place to train in the region. Attracting trainees with its mentoring scheme, it is ‘approachable and welcoming’. A trainee describes a ‘very welcoming and inclusive environment which was clear from spending a short amount of time at the firm during the assessment day and in the final interview’. Trainees praise the firm’s location, size and reputation for fostering ‘home-grown talent’. Respondents comment that ‘it is a good size, not too big that you’re one of many, not too small that the quality of work is lacking’. This is born out in the firm’s two Lex 100 Winner awards for job satisfaction and work/life balance. In terms of training, there is a ‘good level of supervision both in the office and when working from home, a decent work/life balance and less pressure to work additional hours’. Negatives mentioned include moving around between offices for seats, short turnover between seats and lower pay, but this is recognised as a trade off for the location and work/life balance. Highlights include ‘being told that the work I did was really helpful and really appreciated’ and ‘going out on a site visit to take witness evidence from a client’. If you are interested in a client-focused, varied training contract with excellent work/life balance, Wilkin Chapman should be on your list.