Survey Results - Trainee feedback on VWV

The Lex 100 verdict on VWV

The verdict

Trainees flocked to new Lex 100 entrant Veale Wasbrough Vizards for its ‘good work/life balance’ and ‘sector-specific work and client base’. The firm’s strong ’emphasis on and involvement in charity schemes and volunteering projects’ was also attractive to applicants. Paralegals already working at the firm knew they wanted to stay and others were ‘sold by the great vacation scheme’. Being located in the city centres of Bristol and London, trainees lauded having access to ‘good clients’ along with ‘decent working hours and great levels of support’. The ‘friendliness and approachability of partners and colleagues’ makes for a ‘collaborative workspace’ as one trainee reports: ‘I sit next to the partner in my team and am never worried to ask questions’. However, respondents were concerned about pay, noting ‘while it is not bad, it is poor in comparison to similar firms’. Recruits appreciated feeling trusted and being given responsibility, with many enjoying taking on ‘client-facing roles’. Notable best moments were ‘advising clients over the phone’, ‘completing work for a multi-million pound construction project’ and ‘drafting a commercial lease that was accepted by the other side without amendment’. Conversely, ‘spending a lot of time getting used to the billing system’ and the ‘unrealistic chargeable work targets’ were less popular. Trainees were also frustrated by making small mistakes such as ‘an embarrassing typo’ and ‘sending an email to the wrong person’ but felt relieved when ‘after admitting it to the partner, he did not seem worried and made me feel better’. ‘VWV is a large firm with a variety of seats and big clients that is also small enough to be friendly’. If the offer of ‘good-quality work without being too demanding’ convinces you, apply to Veale Wasbrough Vizards.