Survey Results - Trainee feedback on VWV

The Lex 100 verdict on VWV

Known for its ‘approachability of staff’, ‘interesting sectors’ and ‘good support for trainees’, Veale Wasbrough Vizards is highly praised by the current cohort. With offices around the South West and in London, there is a lot for trainees to praise: ‘I wanted to work at a firm with a friendly culture, which encourages growth and personal development of its junior employees. For me, it has the perfect combination of high-quality work that you see in larger City firms, but also a respect for the work/life balance’. Trainees also highlight its ‘reputation in charity and regulatory law’ and the ‘friendliness of the staff’. In terms of training, ‘there is a lot of responsibility and quality work. I am not left with just admin jobs to fill my day like I have heard happens elsewhere’. There is a ‘good work/life balance’, ‘support from peers and manager’ and a ‘wide variety of experience’ on offer. Negatives include IT systems that need updating and salary, but a trainee adds ‘I can’t fault this too much given the good work/life balance, but I would wish for salaries to be a little higher’. Trainees say that the best thing about the firm is ‘building good working relationships with colleagues and feeling part of the firm’s future’.