Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Stevens & Bolton LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Stevens & Bolton LLP

The verdict

Trainees turned to Guildford-based Stevens & Bolton for ‘top-quality work outside London’. The attractive ‘personable feel’ is enhanced by ‘trainees sharing offices with their supervisors’ and the firm’s ‘open-door policy’. Many complimented their work/life balance, as well as being ‘given responsibility from day one’, although ‘not all seats have a work/life balance’ and there was a report of ‘working until midnight on one occasion’. Having ‘thorough supervision whilst being given challenging work’ pleased trainees who relish ‘the responsibility to oversee their own work’. The people at the firm really stood out to respondents, who were grateful that ‘everyone is so friendly’ and that ‘most senior partners are more than happy to help’. A perceived ‘lack of job security at the end of the training contract’ worried recruits, who wished there was ‘greater transparency around qualification’. Receiving a ‘lower salary than London trainees’ and the ‘limitations on flexible working in some departments’ were also concerns. However, ‘being able to completely run my own matter’, ‘working with a senior partner in corporate’ and ‘attending hearings as the sole point of contact for the firm’ excited trainees. Stevens & Bolton also boats an impressive vacation scheme and is a Lex 100 Winner in this category. The firm offers many CSR opportunities and ‘actively encourages all trainees to participate in the CSR committee’. One trainee ‘ran a Children in Need event and the whole firm attended’, demonstrating Steven & Bolton’s ‘commitment to hosting a number of charity fundraising events each year’. If the ‘opportunity to work almost independently’ in an ‘inclusive firm outside the City’ appeals to you, take a closer look at Stevens & Bolton.