Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Steele Raymond LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Steele Raymond LLP

Bournemouth-based Steele Raymond has a sterling reputation for its broad practice areas and friendly atmosphere. Trainees love the ‘friendliness of the working environment’ and the ‘family culture’. As one trainee puts it: ‘the benefit of working here is that you are not just an employee or a number. Everyone knows everyone no matter what office or department or level you work at’. The praises continues: ‘we are treated with respect and the partners care about us as individuals, making Steele Raymond a great place to work as you always want to give 100% in return’. ‘A forward-thinking, modern firm that has a good work/life balance’, trainees say that the work more than matches up. Reassuringly, the firm ‘respects that you have a life outside of work and does not want you to give that up’. No surprise that Steele Raymond wins two Lex 100 Winner awards for work/life balance. The small intake allows for training to be more hands on: ‘we are offered the chance to gain real experience working with clients and I have been given real responsibility’. Negatives are few and far between, but include ‘lower second year salary than competitors’ and slow notice of seat changes. Highlights include ‘taking control over a file and completing a company reconstruction for one of the largest private landlords in the area’ and ‘assisting in a £3.9m company sale’. If you are looking to train on the South coast and want a small intake with lots of firm-wide support, Steele Raymond could be an ideal fit.