Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Shakespeare Martineau LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Shakespeare Martineau LLP

The verdict

Shakespeare Martineau offers ‘a lot of direct client contact and the opportunity to personally engage in high-quality work’. The firm ‘puts a lot of time into the development of junior lawyers’, which is demonstrated by the ‘dedicated ‘Academy’ which offers courses ranging from improving self-confidence to negotiation training’. Highly commended for its ‘people focus’, it is no wonder that applicants flocked to SM, a firm that ‘really cares about your interests as an individual and invests in your progress’. Paralegals stayed on at the firm because they ‘were always given interesting work which they hoped would be translated into a training contract’. Trainees felt frustrated when when ‘a team is low on work’. Motivating applicants was ‘the firm’s ambition’, and new recruits were excited ‘to be part of its growth’. Newbies praised the amount of autonomy they are given to ‘suitably progress matters alone, while knowing the necessary guidance is there if needed’. This is reflected in best moments like ‘progressing my own employment tribunal claims’ and ‘being seconded to an energy client’. Another recruit appreciated when ‘a client phoned and emailed me instead of my supervisor’ which ‘made me feel like an integral member of the team’. Although there were some grumbles about low remuneration, many respondents were glad there was ‘no expectation to work weekends and crazy late nights’. The IT systems frustrated a few, ‘albeit systems are in the process of an upgrade’. Generally, ‘all colleagues interact regardless of seniority and everyone regularly comes together outside of work’ winning SM a Lex 100 Winner medal for inclusivity. If you want the chance to ‘work on some really big deals’ at an inclusive firm, consider Shakespeare Martineau.