Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Shakespeare Martineau LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Shakespeare Martineau LLP

Midlands-headquartered full-service firm, Shakespeare Martineau has a national presence and ‘ambitious growth plans having been through nine mergers in nine years’. The firm offers trainees ‘an abundance of different seat options’, ‘a better work/life balance’ and a ‘very friendly and inclusive culture’. No surprise then that Shakespeare Martineau is a Lex 100 Winner for job satisfaction, vacation scheme, client contact, social life and inclusivity; several trainees praise the firm’s ‘approachability and inclusion’. As a trainee highlights, the culture is led by a ‘very visible CEO promoting the firm’s strong ‘be-yourself’ mantra’. Trainees commonly say that its ‘people’ are the best feature of the firm. Quality of training is high and remained so during the pandemic, with the firm’s diverse offerings giving trainees lots of choice. Negatives include the ‘long hours’ and ‘remuneration’, as well as adapting to the ‘pressure’ of being a trainee and ‘working from home full-time’, a common theme among trainees at any firm. A standout highlight was ‘making a without-prejudice settlement call to two barristers acting on the other side, within my first two weeks of having joined the team’ and ‘a successful emergency application’. If you are looking for a full-service firm with national presence, attractive seat options and a welcoming culture, Shakespeare Martineau is worth exploring.