Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Roythornes Solicitors

The Lex 100 verdict on Roythornes Solicitors

The verdict

Roythornes ‘gets really interesting work and clients due to its specialisms’ in agricultural law and rural estates. This ‘not only gives trainees brilliant learning opportunities but also keeps the work exciting’. Several recruits enjoyed visiting the Spalding-headquartered firm’s ‘At home with Roythornes’ open day, during which they were impressed by ‘the approachable staff’ and ‘the welcoming atmosphere’. Others had previously worked at Roythornes as paralegals and had first-hand experience of the ‘friendly, authentic supervisors who I knew would always aim to bring out the best in me during my training contract’. Whilst trainees are ‘very involved in matters from very early on’, they still benefit from an ‘outstanding work/life balance’. Perfect for those who ‘still want to enjoy good quality work but not be expected to regularly outstay the contracted hours’. Little surprise then that Roythornes has bagged four Lex 100 Winner awards in the categories of quality of work, client contact, confidence of being kept on and work/life balance. Trainees say that the worst things about the firm are the location of the Spalding office – described as ‘a bit out of the way’ and that some of the satellite offices ‘don’t seem to receive the same level of investment as headquarters’. Trainees loved the opportunity to ‘run client meetings and take responsibility for files’, something which really allows them to ‘appreciate the client care and case progression aspects of a matter’. But the flipside of being entrusted with high-level work is sometimes ‘having to deal with urgent matters I have no experience in when my supervisor is out of the office’, which can prove nerve-racking. To learn from people who are at the top of their sector and have a huge amount of knowledge to impart’, research Roythornes.