Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Marriott Harrison LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Marriott Harrison LLP

The verdict

The ‘chance to be an integral part of a small team’ was an enticing prospect for those applying to Marriott Harrison. ‘I knew that I would be relied upon as a trainee and that I would have an important role to play’, elaborated one recruit. And although this high level of responsibility can be a little daunting at first, trainees feel grateful for having ‘been able to assist meaningfully on many different matters’. It certainly helps having ‘associates and partners who are willing to delegate good work’ and getting exposure to ‘a broader range of matters and issues than peers at other firms’. So far, it seems fitting that the London firm has earned Lex 100 Winner awards in the living up to expectations, client contact and partner approachability categories. Like any training contract, there are highs and lows; ‘incorrectly filing a document and almost crying’, ‘receiving a piece of work back covered in red pen’ and ‘completing a deal in the early hours of the morning’ were not moments trainees looked back fondly upon. Other gripes included the technology: ‘IT support can occasionally be slow to respond’, the pay and that ‘the firm isn’t very glamorous’. On a more positive note, ‘while there are some later finishes, these are not the norm’. Trainees thoroughly enjoyed ‘being invited to multiple events with clients and with my team’ and ‘working closely with a client in preparation for an employment tribunal hearing’. If you’re looking for a firm which ‘offers high-quality work with a lot of one-to-one training’ where you certainly won’t ‘feel lost in a sea of trainees’, consider Marriott Harrison.