Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Lewis Silkin LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Lewis Silkin LLP

The verdict

‘Leader in employment law’, Lewis Silkin has an ‘open and friendly atmosphere’ and offers training contracts in London and Cardiff. ‘I was working here as a paralegal and I knew that I wanted to stay for as long as they would have me!’, said one trainee. The ‘mid-sized firm’ offers a range of work and the small intake means that ‘there are usually only one or two trainees in each department’. This means not only that ‘you work closely with your supervisor and get hands-on experience, including drafting documents’, but also that trainees are ‘widely-known within the firm and are much closer to each other’. The people at Lewis Silkin are the jewel in the crown, with recruits enthusing that ‘everyone looks out for you and makes sure you get the best training possible’. ‘I don’t understand it when people say they hate their jobs’, said one trainee, ‘I can’t imagine working somewhere where I didn’t enjoy every single day’. Gripes included a perceived ‘disorganisation regarding seat allocation’ and an ‘apparently ad-hoc approach to secondments’. ‘Missing a deadline due to unrealistic expectations’ and ‘my computer not working when I was trying to serve and file lots of documents before a deadline and having to run to the Rolls Building with minutes to spare’ were stressful moments. But there were plenty of highlights too. These included ‘attending several trials’ and ‘assisting a well-known fashion photographer with her visa application to have her approved as a ‘Global Talent’ and reviewing various fashion magazines, articles and lookbooks to collate evidence for the application’. For plenty of responsibility in a firm which has an enviable culture and work/life balance, consider Lewis Silkin.