Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Lester Aldridge LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Lester Aldridge LLP

South coast favourite Lester Aldridge is known for the ‘non-hierarchical’ and ‘friendly’ atmosphere as well as a range of specialist sectors, including maritime and aviation. The firm is highly praised for its training: ‘I wanted to train at a firm that had a robust and long-standing training programme, which Lester Aldridge does. There is both a high standard of clients and lawyers to train with’. The firm’s smaller size allows trainees a ‘hands-on’ experience plus ‘the amount of client contact and level of work seems higher than at other firms. We also have a better work/life balance and are not expected to put in time additional to our contracted hours’. Trainees feel that ‘it is clear that the firm values its staff and is always looking to develop their skills’. Highlights include ‘drafting evidence on high-value cases within the first week of starting my training contract’ and ‘being asked to manage a team of paralegals and trusted with a client relationship’. Negatives include the pay and some slow internal communications, but overall there is much more positive feedback. The pandemic has impacted seat rotations and working from home has limited inter-firm social life, but these concerns should ease. Lester Aldridge is known for ‘valuing its staff’, its robust training, and attractive client list in a range of sectors. If you fancy life on the South coast, have a look.