Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Leigh Day

The Lex 100 verdict on Leigh Day

The verdict

Leigh Day is a ‘claimant law firm’ which is admired for ‘acting for people in society who have faced great injustice’. Accordingly, applicants chose the firm for ‘its reputation in ensuring justice is not just the preserve of wealthy corporations’. Unlike many other firms, a two-seat training contract is on offer which ‘develops individuals’ skills to a higher standard’. Conversely, some trainees feel that this hinders their job prospects once they qualify, especially if you ‘have  two-year-long seats in areas you do not want to work in’. ‘Everyone’s motivation to do the best for their clients’ stood out to new recruits and many appreciate the ‘friendly sociable atmosphere’. Moreover, the ‘hours are much better’, allowing trainees a decent work/life balance. This is mirrored in the ratings which earned the firm a Lex 100 Winner medal for both social life and work/life balance. In addition to this, Leigh Day is a Lex 100 Winner for job satisfaction, vacation scheme and inclusiveness. Many respondents were happy with the ‘responsibility and wide variety of tasks’ which make them ‘more invested in [their] work’. On the flip side, one respondent commented that ‘there isn’t the same level of support services as at larger firms’ meaning that at times ‘a higher proportion of administrative tasks’ need completing. But ‘the approachability of all staff’ and ‘how well organised and structured everything is’ appeased trainees. The nature of the work at Leigh Day is very rewarding, as best moments included settling claims for ‘really grateful and deserving clients’. If you want to work for a firm that undertakes ‘challenging and important cases’ all ‘for a good cause’, investigate Leigh Day.