Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Ince

The Lex 100 verdict on Ince

Public-listed Ince has earned a reputation for being an innovative firm. It has transformed from a ‘small to midsize firm with general practice areas and an interesting company structure’ to an international brand which affords trainees opportunities for international secondments. Even during the pandemic this persisted, with one trainee saying ‘I’ve spent my third (and currently spending my fourth) seat at one of our international offices which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’m lucky enough to have been sent somewhere where coronavirus restrictions aren’t as intense, so I’ve been able to work from the office whilst many of my cohort in London were still required to work from home’. Training can involve ‘getting us to do grunt work’, balanced by ‘certain partners and associates who do take the time out to train us and put effort into teaching’. Trainees add that supervisors have given ‘great support and guidance where needed but also increasing autonomy as I’ve gone on, giving me practice and confidence for when I (hopefully) take on more responsibility in an associate role’. A negative mentioned is the communication between the sections of the firm, and the need for more junior staff. Highlights of training include ‘being given the opportunity to run my own cases’ and ‘attending hearings and conferences without a supervisor’. For a broad range of sectors, international reach and great secondment opportunities, take a good look at Ince.