Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Hugh James

The Lex 100 verdict on Hugh James

Cardiff-based Hugh James impresses trainees with its ‘approachability’, ‘values’ and ‘very good’ training. It comes as no surprise then that Hugh James is a Lex 100 winner in six categories – job satisfaction, quality of work, client contact, work/life balance, social life and inclusivity. A trainee highlights that ‘throughout the interview process and vacation scheme it was clear the firm practiced their values consistently – everyone is approachable and employees at all levels are valued and treated with respect’. Some trainees had previous experience: ‘I had completed a placement year with the firm and I was impressed by the level of training and the general atmosphere – friendly and approachable yet professional with some impressive experience’. Trainees praise the ‘very impressive variety of work’ and the client contact: ‘we are given lots of client contact and are able to manage our own matters very early on – this is different to other firms and definitely a positive’. Negatives include the remuneration and the ‘lateness with which your seat rotation is confirmed’. But trainees value the high level of professional training and work/life balance, with one adding ‘I think that my training is better than that of peers plus I have a better work/life balance’. There is a sense of ‘atmosphere’ and a ‘real emphasis on being inclusive and approachable’, so if you are looking for a training contract in Cardiff, Hugh James is a must.