Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Howes Percival LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Howes Percival LLP

Mid-sized East Midlands-based Howes Percival is known for its approach to training and has a ‘good reputation for being friendly and approachable’. Trainees were attracted to the firm for its ‘vision’, ‘mission’ and ‘ethos – being a people-centric firm with strong ties to the local community’. Those that attended the vacation scheme said that they felt connected with the firm, and felt that it would be an excellent firm to train with. With a strong reputation for its commercial real estate practice, Howes Percival offers trainees lots of ‘responsibility and more complex tasks from earlier on in my training contract’. One trainee commented favourably on their experience of home working: ‘I think we were in the office more (between lockdowns) than some other firms where trainees have worked from home entirely through the last year. I think this made for a better learning experience even though this time in the office was limited and only a few people could be in at a time. Training is described as ‘well-rounded’, with one recruit adding that it ‘provided me with opportunities to get to grips with every aspect of being a solicitor and managing files from start to finish which some of my peers have not had the chance to do at other firmsNegatives mentioned were the period of furlough and diversity within the firm. But highlights include ‘being given a simple transaction to lead. I felt it showed that the other fee earners in the team had confidence in me and this gave me more insight into what a career in the team post-qualification would be like. If you are looking for a training contract in the East Midlands area, Howes Percival could be a great fit.