Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Howes Percival LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Howes Percival LLP

The verdict

Recruits at Howes Percival were impressed by the firm’s ‘reputation, location and scale of work’, and appreciative of ‘the exposure given to trainees from day one’. Many felt that ‘client contact’ was higher at Howes Percival than at other similar-sized firms. Others were delighted with the ‘responsibility you are given from the start’ such as ‘the ability to run files and take on large transactions’. The approachability and ‘supportiveness of all staff’ was unanimously praised by respondents, earning Howes Percival its status as a Lex 100 Winner in this category. The firm has also earned Lex 100 Winner medals for inclusiveness, client contact, living up to expectations and quality of work, which is reflected in reports of ‘good supervision’, an ‘interesting and varied workload’ and ‘friendly and helpful colleagues’. On the other hand, the ‘limited social events’ and ‘moving between offices during training’ were frustrations felt by a majority of trainees. ‘Preparing the first draft of a transfer for a multi-million pound estate’ and ‘going to Silverstone for the British racing drivers club annual general meeting that I helped organise’, were among best moments. On the flip side, ‘commuting’, ‘changing seats’, and ‘not feeling able to manage the volume of work’ were regarded as worst moments. But, overall, Howes Percival is highly attractive to applicants for its ‘people’, ‘breadth of practice areas’, and ‘rate of growth’. If you want to work for an inclusive, approachable firm with high-quality clients, then consider applying to Howes Percival.