Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Howard Kennedy LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Howard Kennedy LLP

Recognised for its ‘diverse practice areas and early client contact’, Howard Kennedy achieves a balance between a comfortable size and high-quality departments. As one trainee summarises: ‘for me it was the “Goldilocks” firm, not too big, not too small – just right’. The firm boasts ‘a strong sports offering’, ‘work/life balance’ with a ‘top-tier media team’. Some trainees previously had been paralegals, commenting that this gave them a great sense of the firm. One adds, ‘I was a paralegal and loved the culture. Also the work/life balance is very good, with supervisors genuinely concerned if you are consistently working late’. Howard Kennedy is regarded as ‘more down to earth than other firms’ and ‘everyone is approachable from the support staff to the senior partners’. Applauded for the calibre of work, a trainee comments, ‘it seems as though we get a lot of responsibility and a high quality of work. We aren’t just stuck doing admin-type tasks which I know is often the case for trainees at larger firms’.  Negatives included the lack of secondment opportunities, communication and lower remuneration. Highlights of training include ‘a big win (via settlement) on the steps of court the morning of the first day of hearings’, ‘taking over a difficult matter with a difficult client and delivering a great client experience by the date of completion’ and ‘taking a firm-wide exercise class’! Trainees highlight that pro-bono opportunities are ‘very good’ with ‘frequent opportunities’ and a ‘supportive environment to undertake them’. If looking for a smaller-sized firm and sports/media law is your interest, then Howard Kennedy is worth a closer look.