Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Hogan Lovells International LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Hogan Lovells International LLP

Getting ‘the ‘benefit of working for a top law firm whilst it being a friendly and approachable place to train’ is common refrain among trainees at Hogan Lovells International. Known for being a ‘solid all-rounder’ and a top firm across many different sectors, it provides a ‘good balance between practice areas makes it a great option for someone who isn’t sure where they want to qualify’. One trainee highlights that this variety is more important than ever, saying ‘it was also important to work at a firm that had consistent strength across all their practice areas, so that in times of economic hardship, I would have confidence in the firm’s ability to continuing attracting work flow. This has definitely proven to be the case during the pandemic’. Hogan Lovells provides excellent ‘exposure to the US without the US culture’ and the training is described as ‘‘much more organised and well structured’.  There is a focus on ‘mentoring’ throughout the training and the ‘support teams are in constant dialogue with us’ plus there is ‘lots of client interface and responsibility’. One trainee adds, ‘we have a non-legal buddy as well as a partner buddy and so are well supported, whereas my peers elsewhere tell me they have very little interaction with others bar their designated supervisor’. Negatives mentioned include ‘NQ opportunities’ . A trainee comments that the firm ‘appears to be a lot more human. There is an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for putting in the work, especially considering the late hours we sometimes do’. Hogan Lovells International is a Lex 100 winner in an amazing eight categories – job satisfaction, firm living up to expectations, quality of work, vacation scheme, remuneration, inclusivity, international secondments and approachable supervisors.