Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors

The Lex 100 verdict on Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors

‘Attracted to the ethos of doing ‘people-focused’ law and representing people who would otherwise struggle to obtain legal representation’ trainees highly value Hodge Jones & Allen’s approach and reputation. A trainee adds, ‘I wanted to work for a firm which focused on acting for individuals and increasing access to justice’ and one that is ‘very diverse in terms of ethnicity and gender, with a higher ratio of female partners at this firm’. Known for its prowess in legal aid work, human rights, immigration and public law, at Hodge Jones & Allen, like other firms of this type, pay tends to be lower, ‘as was expected,’ but independence higher. As one trainee comments, ‘compared to other firms, it seems as though we are given a lot more responsibilities and independence, giving a better indication of life after we have qualified’. Trainees have identified that there is considerable difference between seats, saying that ‘the training differs greatly depending on the team: some of the teams are friendly and helpful – no question is too silly’ others are less so. Highlights include ‘successfully getting criminal charges dismissed against our client’, ‘working on my own cases and doing advocacy’ and ‘running my own caseload’. HJA’s ‘commitment to fighting for access to justice, accountability and protecting human rights’ attract trainees who want to feel like they are connecting with individuals, working towards social justice and for news-catching causes.