Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Gosschalks

The Lex 100 verdict on Gosschalks

Based in Hull, Gosschalks is ‘a reputable firm which is well known across the country’ and ‘offers a broad range of services’. Trainees liked the ‘culture and overall quality of the firm’ when they visited for interviews, and once they had started their training contracts were ‘made to feel welcome and comfortable from day one’ by the firm’s ‘friendly staff’. Recruits reported ‘working on very high-value matters and getting involved at every stage, where possible’. Trainees are encouraged to ‘think on our feet and use our initiative, instead of having everything handed to us’. The firm has a ‘good work/life balance’ to boot. The best thing about Gosschalks is considered to be the culture and the people. Elaborating on the latter, staff are ‘great: friendly and supportive and always willing to help and listen’. Even better, partners are ‘approachable’ and ‘willing to give trainees good work’. Working remotely was the worst thing for most trainees, with ‘starting my training contract during lockdown’ and ‘getting used to working from home’ some of the worst moments. Others mentioned that ‘the social side is lacking too’. On the upside, trainees loved ‘sitting in on employment tribunal hearings’, ‘running my own file’ and ‘overcoming my fears of speaking in front of people – it made me have confidence in my abilities’ and feel empowered. For a friendly firm in Hull with a ‘good reputation’ have a look at Gosschalks.