Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Gordons LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Gordons LLP

A mid-sized firm in Leeds ‘with national clients but not so many trainees that you feel you would get lost’, Gordons appealed to many who wanted to train in this popular city. Recruits report ‘regularly working for a FTSE 100 company but also working for much smaller, homegrown clients’; this ‘provides real depth and requires that a differing perspective be employed depending on the nature of the client’. Trainees got a great impression from the outset; ‘of all the firms I interviewed at, Gordons was by far the most jovial, open and welcoming’ and it was clear ‘how much it values trainees and sees them as a long-term investment’. Training is ‘mostly on the job’ and recruits are ‘given significant amounts of work and responsibility from the get-go, probably due to the smaller size of the teams and the significant work influx’. The atmosphere is ‘down to earth; I don’t feel like I need to come into the office and put on an appearance for my colleagues’ and trainees are delighted that they ‘haven’t met a single person at the firm who isn’t friendly and willing to help’. Complaints about Gordons were few and far between but included that ‘some of the teams are smaller than you might think and as a result have quieter periods’, the ‘(slightly) limited seat options’ and the feeling that the firm ‘should pay our LPC fees in full’. ‘Attending trial’ and ‘drafting several precedent documents from scratch and the solicitor on the other side only coming back with minor amendments – that was rather satisfying’, were best moments. But trainees have ‘missed out on interaction with colleagues and the little things you pick up from supervisors around the office’ because of lockdown. To train at a Leeds firm where the ‘quality of work on offer is exceptional’, research Gordons.