Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Gateley Plc

The Lex 100 verdict on Gateley Plc

The verdict

Known for being the first law firm to list publicly on the London Stock Exchange, Gateley Plc is an ambitious firm with offices across the UK and Northern Ireland plus international presence in Dubai. Gateley is described by its trainees as ‘forward thinking, with a reputation for friendliness’ and offering a high ‘quality of work’ plus ‘work/life balance’. A trainee says ‘whilst I am given a high level of responsibility, the more complex work I do is checked by senior fee earners and I receive feedback on how I can improve. This has helped maximise my development and get the most out of my training’. The level of involvement with clients is also praised: ‘as well as the usual phone calls and emails I attend meetings where I am introduced and encouraged to have my own conversations with clients and my contributions are noted – I am not expected to sit quietly and fade into the background’. Many trainees in our survey were previously paralegals and commend the transition between roles at the firm. Common criticisms concern the salary and differences in management between offices, but trainees praise the ‘approachability of superiors’ and the ‘real opportunities to build my own relationships with clients’. Gateley offers a change to the traditional format of a law firm while retaining a focus on training, client engagement and regional strength.