Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Foot Anstey

The Lex 100 verdict on Foot Anstey

The verdict

Foot Anstey is ‘large enough to offer City-style work whilst remaining small enough to maintain an approachable, inclusive working environment’. Trainees were impressed that the south west firm is ‘going in a very good direction and bringing in some impressive work’ thanks to ‘strong growth in the last five years’. There is ‘plenty of investment in trainee development’, along with ‘outstanding levels of support from supervisors’. Indeed, ‘enthusiasm is appreciated and if you show an interest in an area of law, you will be encouraged to develop in that area’. Superiors are ‘not afraid of giving trainees responsibility’: respondents cited receiving ‘plenty of drafting experience’ and ‘delivering external training to well-known clients’. The cherry on the cake is that the ‘working culture is relaxed’ and there is a real ’emphasis on work/life balance’. Perhaps unusually, trainees at Foot Anstey have ‘very good visibility concerning seat choices’ and know ‘far in advance’ to which department they will be moving next. Complaints centred on the fact that recruits have to relocate to different offices depending on the seat they wish to undertake. This can result in having to find new accommodation at short notice with ‘limited financial support’. One respondent even ‘commuted to the Exeter office from Bath for 12 months’. That there are ‘no dress-down days’ is also begrudged. ‘Leading a client meeting in my first seat’, ‘attending a trial in the Rolls Building’ and a ‘secondment to a global financial services provider’ were clear highlights. To join a firm which offers a ‘friendly and supportive culture with an ambitious edge’, start researching Foot Anstey.