Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Fieldfisher

The Lex 100 verdict on Fieldfisher

There is a ‘sense of belonging to an overall team’ at Fieldfisher. A ‘great financial performance and rapid expansion of practice areas’ over recent years, as well as the ‘strength of the IP department’ attracted many trainees to the international firm. In terms of colleagues, ‘the majority of people are approachable on both a professional and personal level’, which leads to trainees ‘feeling like you can be yourself all the time’. That the firm ‘really cares about pro bono work and diversity and inclusion initiatives’ is also encouraging. There is generally a good work/life balance at Fieldfisher, with ‘no expectation to work over the weekend (unless there’s a court hearing or equally urgent matter)’. Complaints about the firm included the ‘very regimented seat allocations’, and what is considered to be a ‘disappointing pay scale for junior lawyers, even though the firm often sits across the table to top-tier law firms’. The uncertainty caused by the pandemic and ‘limited communication from above when the lockdown started’ also caused recruits some worry. Highlights for trainees were ‘drafting witness statements and working on them from the beginning up to exchange’, ‘getting the final seat I really wanted (IP) in the Manchester office’ and ‘receiving exemplary feedback during my second seat appraisal from a team I would like to work with’. The ‘bar on the ground floor and the rooftop terrace in the London office (pre-lockdown that is)’ are deserving of applause too. For a firm with a ‘great culture’, which ‘prioritises work/life balance’ and ‘looks after its staff’, take a closer look at Fieldfisher.