Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Edwin Coe LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Edwin Coe LLP

A training contract at London’s Edwin Coe is packed with responsibility from the get-go. The firm’s reputation and ‘rave reviews from other employees’ drew in recruits. At least one trainee had worked at the firm previously and was ‘familiar with the people and practices’. Edwin Coe’s modest size equates to ‘high-quality work but with the added bonus that the hours are more forgiving’ than at some larger firms. ‘The responsibility given to trainees, as well as the feedback and value of the work you do’ is also a big plus point, especially as junior lawyers are very much ‘included within team discussions’. That the firm can seem ‘quite old fashioned’ is a bugbear, as are the salary and the ‘lack of secondments’. ‘Undertaking a research project, the result of which was warmly received by my colleagues, including a senior partner of the firm’ was a highlight, especially as this led to ‘being trusted with additional responsibilities as a result’. ‘Closing my first deal’ and ‘attending multiple trials’ were also mentioned as best moments, whilst ‘bundling until late at night ahead of a disclosure task’ was memorable for the wrong reasons. Because of the pandemic, some training contracts were delayed by six months and the ‘vast majority of our work is done remotely’ which is frustrating as trainees would like to spend more time with colleagues. Nevertheless, for excellent work and high levels of responsibility, research Edwin Coe.