Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Duncan Lewis Solicitors

The Lex 100 verdict on Duncan Lewis Solicitors

Duncan Lewis undertakes ‘fascinating and important public law cases’ and offers a very hands-on training contract. Trainees are given a ‘significant amount of responsibility and the freedom to develop [their] own work’. High levels of client contact are the norm, as are ‘big caseloads, which can be a challenge’! Thankfully, ‘the culture within teams is supportive’ and ‘managers are very approachable’, so ‘there is always someone to turn to when it’s all getting a bit much’. The best thing about Duncan Lewis is that ‘they throw you in at the deep end; you are encouraged to take on complex work and are even pushed to undertake advocacy, which is excellent for your development’. The national firm likes to ‘keep trainees in one seat throughout their training contract’, which is great for getting to grips with a practice area but also means ‘much less of a mix of training seats and different areas of law’ compared with other firms. The salary is considered to be one of the worst things about the firm, as well as the ‘minimal benefits’, especially when ‘combined with quite heavy workloads and pressure to meet chargeable hours and billing targets’. On a more positive note, recruits have enjoyed standout moments such as ‘working on a large-scale, urgent legal challenge that directly helped vulnerable individuals’, ‘several court attendances’ and feeling as though they have ‘produced systemic change’. ‘Difficult clients’, ‘working very late when it wasn’t entirely clear why this was necessary’ and ‘chasing billable hours targets’ were worst moments. For ‘friendly and approachable people at all levels’ and ‘excellent opportunities for trainees’, consider Duncan Lewis.