Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Duncan Lewis Solicitors

The Lex 100 verdict on Duncan Lewis Solicitors

The verdict

Public law defenders and Legal Aid champions, Duncan Lewis Solicitors provides trainees with ‘robust training’ across its community-focused practice areas. Known for providing a full range of services to vulnerable people, businesses, families and healthcare providers, among others, trainees highlight that this is what drew them to the firm. One commented that Duncan Lewis is the ‘best place to be for public law and human rights; you are learning from people at the top of their game’. With locations spread around England and Wales, the firm ‘has a stellar reputation’. Trainees receive ‘frontline, client-facing training’ with more ‘independence’, and the firm retains its Lex 100 Winner award for client contact. One trainee adds ‘it is very hands-on and provides great insight into life as a solicitor’ plus the ‘culture within firm is great and supervisors are very supportive’. Another trainee adds that ‘the work ethic is brilliant; we always have cases to work on’. This work ethic brings with it reports of the training sometimes being ‘high-pressure, with very demanding targets’ plus complaints about the ‘financial remuneration’ and the ‘pressure of workload’. That said, highlights of the training include ‘getting asylum and justice for clients, such as obtaining £85k for a vulnerable client’ and ‘stopping the flight for a client who had been tortured by the Taliban, thus preventing the client from being deported to Afghanistan’. For cutting-edge public law, immigration and human rights community work, Duncan Lewis Solicitors is one of the leaders.