Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Dorsey & Whitney

The Lex 100 verdict on Dorsey & Whitney

‘Excellence in both litigation and corporate distinguishes Dorsey & Whitney from other US firms’. A small trainee intake means ‘exposure to high-quality work’, ‘early responsibility’ and ‘plenty of opportunities to work directly with partners’. The training is ‘quite wide in scope’ and ‘on-the-job learning is the norm’. Sometimes the ‘lack of formal training for typical trainee tasks’ can be frustrating and working from home during the pandemic has made this all the more difficult. On the plus side, ‘seat boundaries are less rigid than in most other firms – it is not unusual to be given the occasional task from outside your current seat if another practice area is busy’, which makes for a well-rounded training experience. Dorsey boasts ‘friendly colleagues’ and trainees can be confident that ‘if you reach out to associates or partners for feedback or advice, they will be receptive, constructive and supportive’.  The ‘limited research resources’ were bemoaned plus trainees feel that ‘firm communication could be improved’, although ‘transparency has improved lately’. Disruptions resulting from the pandemic were the low points of the training contract so far: ‘working from home has made things very difficult’. Thankfully, highlights included ‘working closely with an associate and a partner, feeling like I am improving as a lawyer and growing in confidence’ and ‘feeling as though my work in the corporate team has been of real value. To be part of a small trainee cohort, given ‘exposure to high-quality work’, a ‘great amount of responsibility’ and ‘plenty of opportunities for development’, take a closer look at Dorsey & Whitney.