Survey Results - Trainee feedback on DLA Piper

The Lex 100 verdict on DLA Piper

The verdict

Global full-service firm and regional giant, DLA Piper taps into its extensive network of international offices to deliver its trainees ‘international-level work in local offices around the UK’ with locations in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, London, and Edinburgh. This quality is applauded by its trainees, with one commenting that ‘being able to live and work in Yorkshire, whilst receiving world-class training, made DLA Piper my top-choice firm’. This access to its global network is reflected in the firm securing a Lex 100 Winner award for its international secondments. A trainee highlights that ‘the firm really takes care of everything so the transition is as easy as it could be. The quality of work and opportunities whilst on secondment are as good as whilst in the UK’. Trainees describe the firm as ‘ambitious and progressive’ with a ‘strong emphasis on pro-bono and diversity’. They appreciate the ‘structured approach to training which provides a solid academic basis within the initial few weeks of a seat, plus a lot of explanation given on the background of tasks which aids understanding. Typically this isn’t provided at US firms’. Long hours, ‘discrepancy between London pay and regional pay’ and ‘feeling as though you are a small fish in a very big pond’ are common complaints. However, the firm’s ‘friendly atmosphere’ and the quality of its pro-bono opportunities are praised. If you are looking for international work and well-structured training at a leading global firm, DLA Piper is a natural contender.