Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Devonshires Solicitors LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Devonshires Solicitors LLP

Devonshires has a ‘really fantastic training programme’. Many trainees had worked at the firm as paralegals and had been ‘exposed to a vast variety of work which helped with both professional and personal development’. The London firm offers ‘plenty of public sector work’ and is ‘environmentally conscious and does lots of fundraising’. The ‘more sociable working hours’ were celebrated, and ‘the general dynamic seems to be very inclusive with no hierarchy’. Trainees are ‘given high-level tasks, e.g. preparing applications, writing instructions for counsel and managing our own caseloads with minimal support’ and are encouraged to ‘develop various skills, such as negotiation, communication and drafting’. Indeed, ‘the exposure you get to clients’ was cited as one of the best things about the firm and has earned Devonshires one of two Lex 100 Winner awards. The firm ‘manages to foster an environment which both celebrates the diversity of individuals whilst also giving us a common ground on which to come together’. Nevertheless, there is a ‘big difference in supervision and responsibility between seats’. There can also be ‘a lot of competition for certain seats which are popular among trainees’. Worst moments were largely related to the pandemic, such as ‘struggling to contact clients or asking questions when working from home’ and ‘having to stay in the same department for my first and second seats’. But at least trainees got stuck into some interesting work, such as ‘settling cases and going to court’ and ‘receiving new instructions from a client and running the case with minimal support’. To train at a firm where ‘you really do feel equipped to take on the role of solicitor once you have completed your training contract’, research Devonshires.