Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Dentons

The Lex 100 verdict on Dentons

‘Dentons’ internationality exudes from every pore; much of the experience you gain, the work you do and people you meet will have an international element to them’. The ‘ambitious’ firm’s ‘commitment to innovation is impressive’ and ‘the broad spectrum offering means more opportunities to explore different practice areas’. Dentons offers training contracts in London, Milton Keynes and Scotland’s Central Belt, and for many trainees, the prospect of ‘City work without having to be based in London’ was a big draw. Some of the tasks recruits enjoyed the most were ‘drafting an important witness statement in a trademark dispute which received rave reviews’, ‘being given sole responsibility for drafting the transactional documents of a multi-million-pound acquisition’ and ‘being flown out to Madrid for a client’s closing dinner’. Far less enjoyable were ‘a really crazy client that emailed about 20 times a day’, ‘continued long hours over a two-week period before a signing’ and ‘reviewing four prospectus blacklines at 4am on a Saturday’. The Dentons training programme offers ‘a good level of responsibility at an early stage’ and ‘partners and associates are really great at getting trainees involved in interesting work’. It is also encouraging that the ‘supportive team environment’ remained despite the pandemic as supervisors were ‘good at keeping in touch while we’re working from home’. The ‘limited seat options in Milton Keynes’ were lamented, but the main complaints centred around the ‘Covid-based salary cuts’, which were implemented despite the fact that ‘working hours substantially increased for all fee-earners’. A higher NQ salary is also on trainees’ wish list. To undertake ‘far-reaching work’ for ‘big-name clients’ at ‘one of the most global law firms on earth’, consider Dentons.