Survey Results - Trainee feedback on DAC Beachcroft LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on DAC Beachcroft LLP

Litigation firm DAC Beachcroft undertakes ‘market-leading work’ in its ‘key sectors of insurance and health’ and offers training contracts in offices across the UK. Several trainees had worked at the firm as paralegals and ‘felt part of its culture and community’. They had also experienced ‘first-hand how supportive the supervisors and partners were and the trust placed in junior staff and trainees to work on interesting and relevant projects’. ‘Attending hearings’, ‘running a client meeting, which was greatly satisfying’ and ‘independently completing an £8m deal’ are but some examples of the exciting work with which trainees get involved. DAC is a Lex 100 Winner for job satisfaction. ‘Carrying out a document review exercise late at night’, ‘having very little work to do in one of my seats’ and ‘working to many urgent deadlines with little appreciation from my supervisor’ were far less enjoyable, however. The work/life balance at DAC Beachcroft is ‘brilliant’ and it is reassuring that ‘people seem comfortable having a life outside of work’. A ‘fantastic culture’ helps ‘promote trainee learning and development’ and there are ‘lots of opportunities to work closely with partners’. Staff are ‘friendly and approachable, from administrators right up to senior partners’ and in general ‘there are no arrogant or stuck-up people’! Recruits consider that the salary is ‘below average’, especially ‘for a firm of its size’ and also when ‘compared with competitor firms’. That there are no opportunities for international secondments was also lamented. To work with people who ‘genuinely encourage your development’ in a firm with ‘high-quality commercial clients’ and an ‘outstanding reputation, research DAC Beachcroft.