Survey Results - Trainee feedback on DAC Beachcroft LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on DAC Beachcroft LLP

The verdict

With its ‘outstanding reputation with clients and dramatic growth’, London-based DAC Beachcroft impressed trainees with its global presence, quality of training and working culture. The firm secures two Lex 100 Winner awards for meeting trainee expectations and for its inclusivity. With offices across the UK, DACB is known for its insurance, healthcare and employment expertise, and advises a ‘good mix of local, national and international clients.’ Its training is highly rated by current trainees, particularly in terms of access to clients, responsibility provided and the level of work on offer. A trainees commented ‘we appear to be given more responsibility and client contact than trainees in other firms. For example, I have been able to run my own matters and liaise with clients directly’. The level of supervision is also praised. A trainee adds ‘the training that I have received hasn’t just been about being a successful trainee; my supervisor has constantly encouraged me to think about my long-term career as a solicitor and develop the skills needed to benefit me in the future’. The entire cohort of same-year trainees from across the UK ‘do the Professional Skills Course together in a central London location’ and trainees praise the firm’s ‘supportive and encouraging working environment’. Drawbacks mentioned include the ‘pay scale for junior staff,’ however trainees comment that ‘there is a greater work/life balance so it is a rational trade off’. DAC Beachcroft is a firm to check out if you are looking for an international client base in either a regional or London location with an inclusive and supportive training environment.