Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Coffin Mew LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Coffin Mew LLP

Coffin Mew’s ‘modern approach’ and ‘ambitions for the future’ stood out to trainees during the recruitment process. Respondents were confident that the firm’s values aligned with their own after ‘really enjoying the assessment day’ where they sampled a ‘positive working environment and attitude’. Some recruits had even worked at Coffin Mew previously. Staff at the firm, which has offices across the south of England and Thames Valley, are ‘very kind and friendly’, as well as ‘approachable no matter what level they are or how busy they are at the time’. Reassuringly at Coffin Mew ‘no question is a stupid question’. A ‘good variety of tasks and responsibilities’ is given to trainees, including ‘drafting and many other fee-earning tasks’. ‘Appearing in court to represent a client’ and ‘attending an employment tribunal hearing’ are examples of the work trainees undertake. ‘Covering for the team leader when they were ill which coincided with a very busy period working with the department’s biggest client’ was another highlight. Trainees feel that ‘the social aspect could be better’, although they do acknowledge that ‘this has been somewhat related to Covid’. ‘Trying to adapt to a new IT system during a busy period’ was stressful. Although trainees have found it challenging adapting to working from home (‘it is more awkward to ask simple questions and learn from supervisors’), one positive is that ‘staff do check in regularly by phone and email’. Another upside of remote working is that ‘it is great for self-confidence and work/life balance’. For a training contract which ‘respects the boundaries between work and personal life’ at a firm where the people are ‘hands down the best thing’, research Coffin Mew.