Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Cartmell Shepherd

The Lex 100 verdict on Cartmell Shepherd

The verdict

With ‘the best reputation in the area’, Cartmell Shepherd provides Cumbria and Northumberland with high-quality personal and business legal services. Based in Carlisle and with offices spread across the region, including Penrith, Cartmell Shepherd is a strong full-service firm with a friendly attitude. Trainees highlight ‘how easy it is to talk to any member of staff no matter their position’ and they benefit from the firm’s small intake size allowing for more personalised training. ‘As it is a smaller firm you get more of a chance to have greater responsibility with files’ and trainees remarked upon the excellent work/life balance, as evidenced by the firm securing a Lex 100 Winner award in this category. Trainees also applaud the firm’s vacation scheme; ‘I did a work placement there in 2013 and I really enjoyed it’. Another trainee ‘had always wanted to work here due to the reputation of the firm’. Trainees would like to see more structure to the training with more ‘focus on how the trainees are progressing within the firm’. One trainee felt that non-core tasks could be irksome, commenting that ‘trainees are relied upon for a lot of extra tasks that are not necessarily professional jobs, such as serving drinks and taking coats at office functions.’ However, work highlights include the ‘purchasing of a farm’ and being ‘able to witness unique elements of law e.g. working with the German Embassy’, with low points being ‘sending out a lease which had spelling error’ and some excess photocopying. Cartmell Shepherd is an excellent choice for prospective trainees looking for a small intake size, a Cumbrian location and excellent work/life balance.