Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Capsticks LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Capsticks LLP

‘Leader in the healthcare sector’ Capsticks boasts offices in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Winchester and Chorley. The ‘friendly and supportive’ firm ‘takes pride in the people they hire’ and many respondents had enjoyed working at the firm as paralegals prior to commencing their training. Capsticks partners and senior fee earners are ‘fantastic’, provide ‘excellent supervision’ and are ‘genuinely invested in training and developing trainees’. Recruits speak of a down-to-earth culture, complete with ‘business-casual dress code’ which goes a long way to making them feel as though they can bring their ‘authentic selves to work’. Trainees are ‘delegated to appropriately and given responsibilities in order to learn on the job’, although this can vary from team to team. Some recruits, particularly those in offices outside London, would like to see the salary increased to reflect the hours worked and the complexity of the tasks they undertake. Best moments include ‘successfully defending a claim at the employment tribunal following a five-day hearing’, ‘working on NHS cases which have made a positive impact to the UK during the pandemic’ and ‘going on client secondment’. Less enjoyable was ‘checking through and sending out 40 bundles’, ‘quiet periods’ and ‘having to do my LPC alongside my training contract’. The impact of lockdown has definitely been felt by trainees: ‘it’s taken a very long time to get used to missing out on all the socialising/lunches/drinks’. Although ‘it has felt isolating and lonely at times, in certain seats a lot of time has been taken to ensure that you stay connected to colleagues’. For ‘incredibly friendly teams’ and an ‘outstanding training experience’, consider Capsticks.