Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Burness Paull LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Burness Paull LLP

The verdict

Burness Paull shines brightly as ‘very modern and dynamic’, a top-tier, full-service firm which is a popular choice with those looking for a traineeship in Scotland of the highest quality. The firm’s variety of high-performing practice areas impress, and it is described as the ‘market-leading firm in Scotland with top-quality work and friendly colleagues’ offering the ‘appeal of an independent firm’. With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Burness Paull’s reach extends outside Scotland as it is ‘often involved in deals with top City and US firms’, while retaining its independence and Scottish identity. This quality is highly praised by its trainees as well as the strength of its training programme. Trainees feel that the ‘experience here has been very positive and quality of work and level of responsibility is second to none’. Another commented ‘I am given proper work and trusted more than I ever thought I would be’. The ‘friendliness and approachability’ of everyone at the firm is commended, both of which have made one trainee ‘certain that the firm would invest as much time, if not more, in me and my education, as I invested in the firm throughout a traineeship’. Drawbacks highlighted included the ‘unpredictable hours’, elements of the seat allocation process and necessity of relocation between offices. However, the negatives were few and far between with the firm praised for its social life and vacation schemes, both securing Lex 100 Winner awards. Highlights of the training include working ‘directly with advocates on high-profile cases’ and ‘being invited to a fancy completion dinner after a very long and complicated deal closed successfully’. If you are considering training in Scotland and seek the benefits of a highly-ranked and full-service firm, Burness Paull could be top of your list.