Survey Results - Trainee feedback on BTMK Solicitors

The Lex 100 verdict on BTMK Solicitors

Several BTMK trainees had previous experience of the Essex firm, whether as paralegals, from undertaking work experience or from having used the firm’s legal services themselves before joining. Based on these encounters, recruits were confident that they would be ‘well trained and surrounded by lovely people who would take the time to train [us] thoroughly’. Thanks to the firm’s modest size, BTMK trainees ‘get to know most of the staff, which makes the working environment so much more pleasant’. Senior colleagues are ‘very approachable’ and ‘always have time to train and encourage us; no question is too silly’. What’s more, supervisors make an effort to ‘include trainees in different tasks’, with respondents reporting being given the ‘freedom to run my own cases’. Some complaints about BTMK are that the firm ‘can be inflexible at times’, that ‘internal communication could be better’ and that ‘there is not always enough support staff to keep up with the workload’. When asked about worst moments, responses included ‘monotonous tasks such as filing or scanning’, ‘missing a court deadline’ and ‘dealing with a complaint aimed at me and another fee earner’. More positive experiences were ‘advocacy in possession hearings’, ‘attending the Royal Courts of Justice in London for multiple trials’ and ‘handling a family law matter and being trusted to write statements and run the file under supervision’. For a ‘great learning environment’ in a firm which is a ‘particularly nice place to work’ and which has a great local reputation, consider BTMK.