Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Browne Jacobson LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Browne Jacobson LLP

The verdict

Browne Jacobson undertakes ‘good quality work for impressive clients in both the private and public sector’. The ‘integration between senior and junior employees’ is discernible, with ‘staff at all levels friendly and approachable’. Some respondents mentioned working at the firm beforehand, which fuelled their desire to apply for a training contract; further proof that the ‘people are very enjoyable to work with’. There is a ‘good work/life balance without losing out on quality of work’, so that trainees are ‘trusted to assist with large and complex matters’ and allowed to ‘get involved in more varied work’. The firm is a Lex 100 Winner for its social life and its vacation scheme, which was described as ‘really enjoyable’. On the flip side, there were complaints about the seat rotation process, as well as the ‘lack of communication about changes within the firm’, plus slightly ‘disorganised support for trainees’. Among the worst moments were ‘reviewing transcripts of an inquiry which went on for days’, ‘non-chargeable administrative tasks’ and ‘being thrown in at the deep end in the first two weeks of one of my seats with very little understanding of what I was doing’. But, on the plus side, high levels of responsibility have allowed trainees to ‘complete an acquisition I had worked on throughout my seat’, ‘independently interview and then have day-to-day client contact on a £1.5m claim’. If a firm with ‘expertise in public law’ and ‘very interesting work’ with a ‘strong reputation in the Midlands’ appeals to you, research Browne Jacobson.