Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Bristows LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Bristows LLP

A ‘focus on life sciences, intellectual property and pharmaceuticals’, as well as ‘the best patent litigation team in London’ make Bristows an attractive choice for those from a science or technology background. The training contract comprises three- and six-month seats, which allows recruits to experience a wider range of practice areas. A small intake makes trainees ‘feel far more valued’ and ‘more involved in matters; you get to work directly with partners a lot more than in other firms’. Tasks trainees enjoyed were ‘working on high-profile data breach cases’ and ‘being involved in a huge IT project, from the client pitch to signing the final agreement’. Less enjoyable tasks were ‘running bundles over to court in the rain’ and ‘due diligence at 3am’. The firm is a Lex 100 Winner for its salary, though opinions on this are split as some trainees complained that the remuneration is ‘at the lower end of the market’, especially ‘if you’re working in a busy department where the trade-off between pay and hours is less balanced’. But Bristows trainees are said to be ‘a great bunch’ who are ‘always willing to chip in and lend a helping hand’. Moreover, there is ‘very little infighting’ thanks to the fact that the firm does not set billable hours targets. Respondents consider the shift to remote working to have been ‘relatively seamless’ and the firm ‘has been very good at providing equipment for working from home’. Nevertheless, trainees feel that the ‘IT team could be more responsive’ and that, inevitably, it ‘has been hard to replicate the level of social and client interaction at home that we would have had in the office’. To work at a ‘top IP and life sciences firm’ with friendly colleagues and market-leading work, consider Bristows.