Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Boodle Hatfield LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Boodle Hatfield LLP

Boodle Hatfield prides itself on ‘understanding its longstanding heritage at the same time as being forward thinking and innovative’. A ‘focus on private client work’, the ‘option of a family seat’ and ‘expertise in niche areas, such as art litigation’ were also big enticements. The London firm is a deserving recipient of a Lex 100 Winner award for its vacation scheme, during which time participants ‘could quickly tell that trainees were given the opportunity to do interesting and high-quality work in a supportive and friendly working environment’. Thanks to a small intake, trainees receive ‘greater client exposure and a higher level of responsibility’ and are definitely ‘not simply given endless admin tasks’. Indeed, recruits ‘feel like a genuine member of the team’ and are encouraged to ‘run their own files and take on leading roles with clients’, as well as ‘getting involved in business development from day one’. Boodle Hatfield ‘could be more progressive with technology’ and some trainees find the work ‘can be a little repetitive’ due to ‘working with a lot of the same type of clients’. The positive is that this ‘makes it easier to build relationships with said clients’. Like many others, Boodle Hatfield trainees ‘haven’t been able to meet colleagues’ and ‘it has been harder to pop our head around the door to ask questions’ due to the pandemic. Thankfully, the firm ‘has responded very proactively’ and made a ‘huge effort to minimise the effect of lockdown on our training experience’. As a result, ‘completing a deal involving a variation to a large property portfolio in London’ and ‘attending court proceedings’ has still been possible. To train at a firm which is ‘an enjoyable place to work’, as well as being ‘very supportive of independent thinking and suggestions’, take a look at Boodle Hatfield.