Survey Results - Trainee feedback on BLM

The Lex 100 verdict on BLM

BLM is an insurance litigation firm, making it a unique place to train. The national firm has 13 offices across the UK and Ireland and its ‘diverse range of litigation seats’ plus ‘expertise in insurance law’ were the main factors driving trainee applications. Plenty of client secondment opportunities round off the broad training experience. Hands-on tasks are the norm, with standout moments including ‘drafting applications to court, instructions to counsel and witness statements’ and ‘being given the main role in settling a £1m claim on an insurance policy’. However, this doesn’t mean that trainees don’t have to do grunt work such as ‘large document review projects’, ‘reviewing social services records of over 10,000 pages’ and ‘having to run to court at 3pm to issue proceedings by 4pm’. Recruits are very grateful for ‘the amount of trust placed in us’ and for ‘approachable partners’ from whom they receive plenty of supervision. What’s more, ‘there is a big emphasis on employee welfare, which has been particularly valuable during the pandemic’. Recruits feel that the salaries in some locations ‘could be a little higher – more in line with our competitors’. Another gripe is that ‘we are not always kept up to date with matters relating to our training’. Because of lockdown, some trainees feel that they have ‘missed out on opportunities and building relationships’, whilst others commented that they have had longer hours due to working from home. But ‘overall, the firm has adapted well to this new way of working and supervision’. For plenty of exposure and high-profile clients in a friendly firm with a good work/life balance, look into BLM.