Survey Results - Trainee feedback on BLM

The Lex 100 verdict on BLM

The verdict

‘Highly-specialised’ BLM’s ‘expertise in the insurance market’ impressed many trainees, as did the breadth of practice areas on offer. The national firm has an ‘ambitious plan moving forward’ and ‘aspires to become the leading insurance and risk law specialist by 2020’. BLM ‘demands plenty from its trainees but is also considerate that they have other interests outside of work’. As a result, the ‘hours are much more liveable’ than at some larger firms and the ‘atmosphere is more relaxed’. The work/life balance was applauded: ‘I rarely stay at work later than 5:45pm’ said one respondent; the firm has accordingly earned a Lex 100 Winner medal in this category. Colleagues are friendly and approachable and, as expressed by one recruit, ‘I look up to them as the type of solicitor or partner I’d like to be in the future’. There is occasional ‘dull admin work’ and workloads can range from ‘exceptionally busy to very quiet’. Yet, encouragingly, ‘trainees are also entrusted with important work from the very beginning’ and are definitely ‘not just left to do administrative tasks’. Examples of exciting work which stood out for trainees were ‘settling a case the week before trial, having materially contributed to putting us into the best negotiating position possible’ and ‘attending court and doing my own advocacy’. This is proof that trainees really are ‘treated like NQ solicitors from the start’. Grumbles were few and far between but some recruits felt that the salary was ‘a bit low when compared to other firms doing similar work’. To work for a firm which will give you ‘a great deal of responsibility early on’ where trainees are deeply valued, apply to BLM.