Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Blake Morgan LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Blake Morgan LLP

Blake Morgan is a ‘national firm with a strong presence across the UK’. From its offices in Cardiff, London, Southampton, Reading and Oxford, the firm has a ‘diverse range of clients’ and offers a ‘breadth of training opportunities’ thanks to the array of practice areas on offer. Several trainees mentioned the ‘enjoyable vacation scheme’ and the ‘friendly and personal approach’ experienced at interview, and thought that ‘Blake Morgan seemed kinder than some of the larger, more commercial firms’. There is a ‘community spirit across the offices’ and ‘everyone is always willing to help, from associates to partners alike’. Despite the scale of the firm, the personal touch remains: ‘they really take an interest in you as an individual and your career as a whole’. Some trainees feel that ‘the pay is not on par with other similar-sized firms and doesn’t reflect the living costs of the area’. This was raised in relation to the Oxford and London offices in particular. Another concern was the ‘limited diversity at senior levels’ despite the firm’s clear commitment to diversity and inclusion. Nevertheless, trainees really enjoyed ‘leading on a client call’, ‘working on a commercial project directly relating to the government’s COVID-19 exit strategy’ and ‘a client secondment to the Nursing and Midwifery Council’. For many recruits, the worst thing has been having to work from home for a large part of their training contracts but at least Blake Morgan has ‘provided a lot of guidance to ensure that new trainees are well supported’. For a friendly firm with a good work/life balance, lots of responsibility and very high-quality work, consider Blake Morgan.