Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Birketts LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Birketts LLP

East Anglian Birketts has a ‘brilliant reputation in the region’. One trainee had even instructed the firm previously and was ‘really happy with the work done’. A full-service firm, Birketts is an attractive choice for those who don’t yet know where they want to qualify. The work on offer is of a ‘very high quality’ and ‘a high standard is set; partners expect trainees to contribute as if you are a fee-earner’. That said, colleagues are ‘friendly and approachable’ and generally ‘a pleasure to work with’. ‘Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you have’ and supervisors ‘take time to discuss matters so that you fully understand the task and the wider matter’. To top it all off, there are also ‘lots of fun social events’, at least pre-Covid, and ‘the firm organises an external speaker every quarter and trainees would usually go out together afterwards’. Birketts is a Lex 100 Winner for job satisfaction, work/life balance and social life. More frustrating are the ‘inconsistencies between practice areas in different offices’, the seat selection process, which led to some trainees not getting their first choice and that ‘there is an expectation for inter-office travel for one seat during your training contract, which can make for a long commute time’! Not all experiences are enjoyable, however; one recruit hated ‘missing an important deadline for submitting documents’ and ‘a heavy workload due to a staff shortage’. Thankfully, best moments, such as ‘being involved in final hearings’, ‘running matters on my own’ and ‘delivering presentations to clients’, are compensations. For a training contract where the balance is struck between ‘plenty of responsibility and receiving help’ in a firm with a ‘real sense of team spirit’, research Birketts.