Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Bird & Bird LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on Bird & Bird LLP

Bird & Bird has a reputation for ‘large-scale newsworthy cases’. The firm’s work with ‘high-profile clients’ in progressive sectors such as sports, media and technology makes for an interesting training experience. There is an ‘incredible culture’ at Bird & Bird, which allows trainees to ‘learn in a productive environment whilst not having to be fearful of making mistakes’. Training is second to none; not only are ‘partners very approachable and willing to talk things through’ but recruits ‘never feel as though we’re an inconvenience to anyone’. Internal training sessions are also held regularly and are ‘delivered by people who make it evident that they care about their practice area’. Bird & Bird has ‘made a real effort to integrate its trainees into the firm’ and ‘it feels like they actually care about us as people’. On the flip side, recruits feel that the remuneration ‘could be higher’, especially when taking into consideration the number of hours worked. New recruits have also found lockdown challenging: ‘it’s been difficult to form social bonds, even with other trainees’ because of remote working, although it was acknowledged that this is ‘sadly just a consequence of the current situation’. ‘Drafting a piece of advice for a client from scratch and having the partner say “Wow! I really didn’t expect this level of work. This is outstanding!”’ was a real training contract highlight, as was ‘handling the closing of a financing deal as the main point of contact’. Worst moments included ‘being parachuted into a matter solely to assist with trial bundle preparations’ and ‘a client telling me off for being too informal in an email to them’. For high-quality engaging work at a firm with a ‘relaxed culture’, consider Bird & Bird.