Survey Results - Trainee feedback on B P Collins LLP

The Lex 100 verdict on B P Collins LLP

Buckinghamshire’s B P Collins has a ‘great reputation in the local area’ and offers a ‘training contract with seats in multiple disciplines’. The opportunity to undertake ‘both corporate and non-corporate work’ was one of the key factors in attracting trainees to the firm, as was the ‘open-door policy of senior management’, which some recruits experienced whilst undertaking work experience. Another knew from working at B P Collins as a paralegal that ‘this was the firm I wanted to train at and become part of’. Other plus points are the good work/life balance and ‘a very welcoming environment’ where ‘everyone is always willing to stop for a chat’. Although the work is ‘generally on a smaller scale’ than that of some City firms, the upside is that recruits have ‘more contact time with senior staff, including partners’. Trainees can return to the seat they wish to qualify into for their final seat and, encouragingly, ‘management make it clear they want to keep you on after qualifying’ from the outset. Respondents found the ‘inconsistency across different departments on how they allocate work’ frustrating. That ‘some of the working practices are outdated, such as referring to trainees as juniors’ was also a bugbear. Worst moments include ‘one week where I took on too much work’ and, contrastingly, ‘a few days of being given no work’. Due to lockdown, trainees feel that they are ‘missing out on learning from others’ and are sad that they are ‘not able to get to know people as well as you would in the office’. Thankfully, standout moments such as ‘running my own files with minimal supervision’ and ‘receiving positive partner feedback’ help to make up for it (to some extent). To train at a firm which clearly values its trainees by offering high levels of client contact and responsibility, look up B P Collins.