Survey Results - Trainee feedback on Ashurst

The Lex 100 verdict on Ashurst

Ashurst boasts the enviable combination of ‘top-tier finance work’ with being a ‘genuinely welcoming and nice place to work’. A ‘big emphasis on diversity’ and a ‘progressive, modern outlook’ also encouraged trainees to apply. The ‘openness of staff at all levels’ and a ‘willingness to work as a team’ are proof that ‘the people here really want you to develop and grow professionally and personally’. Ashurst has amassed no less than eight Lex 100 Winner awards this year, in categories such as client contact, inclusiveness and living up to trainee expectations. Working from home due to the pandemic has brought with it some challenges, one of which is maintaining a work/life balance due to the ‘lack of boundaries’. ‘It can be extremely difficult to log off and turn your attention away from work commitments’, reported one trainee. Despite the obvious hurdles, several recruits nonetheless reported ‘feeling supported’ whilst working remotely, and even enjoyed ‘chatting to others on informal ‘trainee catch up’ calls’. Ashurst’s mental health support services also deserve applause during this time. Grumbles included the ‘disparity in how busy departments are and how much responsibility you get as a trainee’ and the ‘lack of clarity around seat allocation’. Ashurst trainees’ best moments were ‘covering for a junior associate and attending client meetings in person’, ‘a secondment to Hong Kong’ and ‘my supervising partner setting aside an hour every Friday to give me some one-on-one training’. Recruits did not look back fondly on ‘sending an email to the wrong client’ or ‘relentless hours in transactional departments’. For a firm where the work is ‘just as high quality as the Magic Circle, but with a softer and friendlier culture’, research Ashurst.