ULaw alumni profile: Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore is a trainee solicitor at Stowe Family Law and one of 15 ULaw alumni now working within the firm. After completing her Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course (LPC) at The University of Law, Rebecca joined Stowe Family Law in 2016 and has worked her way up through the ranks.

I chose law because my dad was a police officer for 30 years. I found the stories that he’d come home with really interesting, so I chose to study law at A Level and realised it was something that I was not only good at but engrossed in. I love how the law can affect normal people’s everyday lives.

I’m currently working as a trainee solicitor at Stowe Family Law. I’m only six months into my training at the moment, so I’m not taking on full cases on my own. The work generally involves helping the fee-earners with their cases, drafting documents and doing research into specific aspects of the law.

My typical day starts at around 8.30. I’ll get into the office and check emails then finish off my timesheet from the previous day. Then I’ll catch up with the fee-earners in the office and find out if there is anything extra they need doing. I often attend meetings with clients to take notes of what’s said or make phone calls to various courts, do some research or obtain Land Registry office copy entries for the fee-earners. I’ll normally leave the office around 5.30, but it can be a little later if there’s something pressing that needs doing before the end of the day.

I love that from an early stage I’ve been given the opportunity to represent the firm on my own. Our Harrogate office is the Stowe Family Law headquarters, so I get to work with the accounts, billing and admin teams as well as the fee-earners. I really enjoy feeling welcomed as a part of the team.

Since starting my training contract, I think that the most helpful skill required is to be well organised. Of course, having communication and teamwork skills are really important, as is being very commercially aware. But if you come across a file that is in a complete mess, or look on the computer and the documents you should have aren’t there, it makes everything so much harder.

My top piece of advice to anyone thinking of getting into family law is to get some work experience. Learning the law is one thing, but putting it into practice is a completely different ball game. I did a lot of work experience at Stowe prior to being asked to come for interview.

The ULaw careers team are one of the biggest assets to help set you up for success. They were instrumental in helping me structure my CV and advised me how to fill in training contract applications or present myself at law fairs. While the course taught me the legal knowledge needed to qualify as a lawyer, the careers team taught me how to be an employable lawyer.