A day in the life of…

Alexandra Lima, student, Moorgate Campus, University of Law


My day usually starts at about 6 or 7am. I check my timetable, get ready and set off on my commute to the Moorgate campus – coffee in hand, of course. I try to read the Financial Times or even scroll through LinkedIn to maintain commercial awareness. I chose to do my masters report on cryptocurrency and regulation, so it has been important to keep up-to-date on news surrounding the topic.

I normally aim to get into university for about 8/8.30am to give me time to complete any admin tasks before workshops and grab any textbooks I may need from my locker.

Workshops are two hours long and tend to involve a mixture of group discussions, whiteboard work and independent activities, guided by our tutors. During the workshop, I use pre-prepared chapter summary notes to help me to answer questions. I will also make additional notes on any extra information we cover to ensure I have all the key points. The workshop’s tasks are a good indication of the type of question we are examined on, so making sure I am confident on these helps me to be prepared well in advance.


After lunch, I will set myself up in one of the study areas – either the library, common room or basement area – and make a list of any work that needs to be done for the day. I find it useful to tidy up my notes straight away after a workshop, by either re-typing sections or making them clearer and formatting them in tables or checklists. I will also do any consolidation tasks at this point if I have time.

It is also a good time to check emails and updates in the afternoon as there are often events or suchlike taking place on campus, and that way I don’t miss anything.

If I have any workshops in the afternoon, I will go over my preparation beforehand and usually re-read the textbook notes before heading in.

Depending on my workload I will either stay on campus for a few more hours completing reading and preparation work, or I will then commute back home.


My evening at home mainly consists of filing and organising the large module folders that I store at home. In some workshops you are given hand-outs and exemplars of documents, so it is important to file them right away. I make sure to finish off any reading and consolidation that needs doing and will gather the documents I need ready for the next day.

In the evenings I also check my weekly planner to remember what I have coming up, such as deadlines or events. It is so important to keep on top of the workload during the course, as there is not enough time to ‘cram’ right at the end!

It is also important for me to take a few hours to relax and do some yoga or just not look at a screen for a while as it is a busy day and I need to wind down to prepare for the rest of the week. So from about 7pm I will try to avoid the desk and usually aim to get to bed by about 10pm ready for the next day.

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