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Study U.S. law anywhere in the world. As global legal educators, we at BARBRI believe in the importance of training 21st century lawyers for a global legal career and it is therefore our mission to enhance your professional development to enable you to achieve your goals and objectives.

When you enrol in a BARBRI programme, not only do you join the leading legal and education experts, but you also become part of an internationally rich and diverse student body and alumni representing a multitude of countries, cultures, areas of expertise, and a vast array of educational and professional backgrounds.

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Why become a US-qualified attorney?

  • Differentiate yourself
  • Enhance your marketability
  • Open doors to a global career
  • Work all over the world
  • No traineeship requirement
  • Once you pass the exam, you are a US-qualified attorney


  • A leader in legal education
  • The number 1 Bar exam preparation programme for over 50 years
  • Tailored ‘Foundations in US Law’ pre-course
  • Multiple study options, including online or classroom
  • All materials included in price
  • One-to-one support at every step, including advice on eligibility


  • You may be eligible to sit the New York Bar exam with a three-
    or four-year full-time common-law degree
  • You may be eligible to sit the California Bar exam if you are a
    qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction

Where can I study?

  • At home (flexible, online learning)
  • In-class (facilitated at our centres in London,
    Dublin, Belfast, Paris and Dubai)

How can I study?

  • In a structured, yet flexible way
  • Supported throughout
  • On a tailored course for a non-US educated
  • With online learning tools
  • Over a six- or ten-month period based on time
    you have to devote each week to your studies

When can I study?

  • US state Bar exams are held in February and July
    each year*

*Please see our website for full Bar requirements, locations, start dates, six- or ten-month course options and more.

Charting a global career…

Jihane Chraibi French attorney-in-training, BARBRI International
University: King’s College London, University College London

It’s been a year in the making, but I’ve conquered the New York State Bar Exam (it sure feels good to put this in print!).

Growing up in Morocco, I can’t honestly say when I first got the urge to blaze a
global career path, but I do know that Europe and the United States have long
been in my sight. I earned my Law LLB at King’s College London and my Corporate Law LLM at University College London – with the aspiration of becoming a global attorney in an international law firm.

For now, I’m working in a legal services company in Paris, France.

But passing the US Bar Exam allows me to cast a wider net in terms of career options and also complete the equivalency for the French Bar, should I decide to remain in Paris for some time.

I am thankful for the doors that are open to me as a result of passing the New York Bar Exam, and I am grateful that BARBRI had a hand in my success. I chose to go with the BARBRI International Bar Preparation programme for my Bar studies because I heard over and over again about the programme and its classroom lecture and home study options.

What became invaluable to me as I undertook my home studies was the unique one-on-one support I received from a tutor, who I deemed my ‘personal coach’. This person actually knew where I was in the study process at all times and was able to offer tailored help based on what I was studying.

I ended up reaching out to my coach once every couple of weeks and she
really guided me through how to structure my essays and responses for the Multistate Performance Test. She was also there to help me gain confidence in answering Multistate Bar Examination practice questions. Thank goodness for my coach (or saviour) when studying grew tiresome and oh so time-consuming.

Not only did I feel quite supported throughout the entire course, but the
BARBRI programme is designed to be very detailed and focused so I felt very prepared on exam day. BARBRI was an efficient way to study for the Bar exam.

My advice to anyone considering sitting a US state Bar exam as a
foreign-trained attorney is to choose a Bar prep provider that offers the services you feel will be most beneficial, such as a personal tutor, and be consistent in your study approach from day to day or week to week.

With the U.S. Bar Exam now a thing of the past, I’m on to pursue a master’s degree in France before committing to a new career opportunity. But as I continue to chart my global legal trail, Manhattan may not be far behind.

A day in the life of…

Listen to real candidates talk about their experience preparing and sitting a U.S. state bar examination.