Your training contract timetable

Law students (second year undergraduate) and non-law students (final year)

This timetable refers mainly to law firms which recruit two years in advance. Check with individual firms for specific application dates and deadlines.


Oct/Nov 2018

Research law firms, attend law fairs, read glossy brochures, apply for winter vacation schemes; non-law students apply for Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

 Xmas 2018

Attend vacation scheme; alternatively, relax and enjoy your Christmas.

 Jan/Feb 2018

Apply for Easter vacation schemes.

 March 2018

Apply for summer vacation schemes.

 Easter 2019

Attend vacation scheme; alternatively, relax and enjoy your Easter holidays

 May/June 2019

Apply for training contracts and attend interviews.

 Summer vacation 2019

Continue to apply for training contracts and attend interviews. Attend vacation scheme or take an enjoyable trip abroad to talk about at interview – it’s more interesting than doing three vacation schemes back-to-back.

 Sept 2019

Start final year of degree (law students)/start GDL (non-law students).

 Dec 2019

Apply for Legal Practice Course (LPC).

 Sept 2020

Start LPC

 Sept 2021/March 2022

Start training contract – good luck!

 Sept 2023/March 2024