Friday Rundown

The rundown of this week’s top news stories.

  1. Facebook letter fails to satisfy DCMS chair Damian Collins [via BBC News]
  2. Registered European lawyers given until 2021 to requalify [via The Law Society Gazette]
  3. Law and order: Extra £85m for CPS to tackle violent crime [via BBC News]
  4. SRA recruits candidates for second super-exam pilot [via The Law Society Gazette]
  5. Irwin Mitchell’s profit boost as firm joins brand big-league [via The Law Society Gazette]
  6. Media giants Viacom and CBS to merge in latest mega-deal [via BBC News]
  7. Trump delays some tariffs on Chinese imports [via BBC News]
  8. Are the markets signalling that a recession is due? [via BBC News]
  9. New High Court judges all Oxbridge barristers [via The Law Society Gazette]
  10. 5 of the world’s biggest economies are at risk or recession [via CNN]
  11. ‘We can’t reach the women who need us’: LGBT YouTubers suing the tech giant for discrimination [via The Guardian]
  12. Members join queue of collapsed Ince creditors [via The Law Society Gazette]
  13. ‘Depressing’ super-exam reports fail the test, say law teachers [via The Law Society Gazette]