Clifford Chance offers ‘tech vac scheme’ to future trainees

Clifford Chance offers 'tech vac scheme' to future trainees

Clifford Chance has partnered with lawtech startup Lexoo, an online legal marketplace, to provide a tech-focused internship for some of its future trainees.

The two-month internship, which began last month, currently has a cohort of two. Both interns are future trainees of Clifford Chance and were selected from the firm’s 2017 Springboard programme, an initiative aimed at aspiring lawyers in their first year of university.

Interns will divide their eight-week stint between the product, marketing, business development and operations functions of Lexoo and will also receive training in coding and data analytics. The future trainees will receive the princely sum of £450 a week for their efforts, which is the same amount as their peers on the Clifford Chance vacation scheme.

Clifford Chance graduate recruitment head Laura Yeates added:

“With innovation firmly on the agenda in the boardroom, we are pleased that this investment is being seen at every level of the firm, from partners to future trainees. The legal industry is evolving with new challenge and new opportunities. In order to give our clients the best service today and in the future, we are committed to ensuring our lawyers have the skills needed for a successful career.”

In April, Clifford Chance launched its Tech Academy, offering employees and fee earners a variety of online resources and face-to-face workshops which focus on technology concepts and developments such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, coding, cybersecurity and data privacy.