Fletchers Solicitors opens 2018 Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship Scheme

Fletchers Solicitors opens 2018 Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship Scheme

Fletchers Solicitors has begun accepting applications for their Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship Scheme which is set to commence in September 2018. Applications, which can be made online or via email, will need to be received by April 30th 2018 to be considered for the firm’s autumn intake. 

Fletchers Solicitors is one of an increasing number of law firms offering aspiring solicitors an alternative path into the profession through apprenticeship schemes.

The six-year long legal apprenticeship enables participants to gain experience in the legal field and study for the degree qualification simultaneously, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst ambitious individuals keen to build a career in Law.

The Trailblazer Solicitor Apprenticeship is a fantastic alternative route for those who want to enter the legal industry but are dissuaded by the thought of incurring considerable student debts. In partnership with The University of Law, Fletchers offers candidates the opportunity to study for the necessary legal qualifications whilst gaining invaluable practical experience through working at the firm. Apprentices complete their education and required training years in the same amount of time as their traditional university route counterparts, and rather crucially, will be free from financial burden as tuition costs are taken care of by the firm and the government.

Ed Fletcher, CEO at Fletchers Solicitors, said: “We’ve long advocated the investment in young talent, as part of our long-term plan to ‘grow our own’ people and harness talent within the firm that fits in with our core values. I think it’s incredibly important that we encourage diversity in the law profession – not everyone can afford the burden of spending years at university so an apprenticeship is a great alternative.”

Fletchers Solicitors have been running the scheme for two years and it has been well received by participants. Bruce Wignall, a current apprentice at the firm said: “The trailblazer route gives me the chance to learn on the job whilst avoiding tuition fees. I enjoy the work/study balance and this path really works for me. I was delighted to recently receive the Business Apprentice of the Year Award and am extremely grateful to Fletchers and Southport College for the opportunities that have come my way…”

For more information about Fletchers Solicitors, visit www.fletcherssolicitors.co.uk